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Marble Surface

Great Decisions:

The Arctic Circle

With Former Lt. Governor of Alaska Mead Treadwell

Diplomacy Through Sports:

The Globalization of Sport and

Societal Change

With Dr. Ashleigh Huffman, Detlef Schrempf, Greg Stremlaw, and Elizabeth Thompson

Great Decisions:

The Role of International Organizations in a Global Pandemic

With Dr. Adrian Gardner

Distinguished Speakers:

Pilgrimage & International Relations

With Australian anthropologist and peace scholar Dr. Ian McIntosh

Distinguished Speakers:
Ethiopia's Role & Political Developments in the Horn of Africa

With Ambassador Taye Atsake

Selassie Amde

Rwanda: A Tale of One Man's Courage in the Face of Genocide

With speaker and author Carl Wilkens

Sponsored with the Nebraska World Affairs Council and the Tennessee World Affairs Council

Emerging Trade & Investment Opportunities in Africa

With Toyin Umesiri, CEO of Nazaru LLC and found of Trade with Africa Network


Sponsored with the Nebraska World Affairs Council

Distinguished Speakers:

COVID-19 - a health and economic crisis, now a global hunger crisis?

With Abby Maxman, President and CEO of OXFAM USA and John Lyon, President and CEO of World Hope International

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