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Great Decisions

Briefing Books & Educational Resources

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Order from the Indiana Council on World Affairs, Inc. 
the State Coordinator for the Foreign Policy Association

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About Great decisions

Published by the Foreign Policy Association (FPA), Great Decisions is America's largest discussion program on world affairs. These timely, impartial, expert analyses present policy options for considering critical global topics of concern by U.S. policymakers.   


In Indiana, the Indiana Council on World Affairs is the Foreign Policy Association's State Coordinator for books and educational resources, and as such, offers Great Decisions Briefing Books, DVDs and the Teacher's Guide Digital PDF download, at discount.


For those who want to convene group discussion on the Great Decisions topics, the books contain questions and tools for discussion.  Use of the Teachers Guide provides further support material for facilitating group discussion.


While the formats for offering the material vary, the suggested model involves reading the Great Decisions Briefing Book, watching the DVD and meeting in a discussion group to share and review ideas on the most critical global issues facing America today.     


Note: For the Academic WorldQuest, a program for high school students, each school with a teacher who registers for AWQ 2024 will receive a copy of the Great Decisions 2023 Briefing Book, upon request and as available. Additional books may be ordered at AWQ educational discount rate. Also available: DVDs and the Teachers Guide PDF download.

Great Decisions Briefing Books

topics 2023

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1. Energy Geopolitics

2. War Crimes

3. China and the U.S

4. Economic Warfare

5. Politics in Latin America

6. Global Famine

7. Iran at a Crossroads

8. Climate Migration

topics 2024

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1. Mideast Realignment 

2. Climate Technology & Competition 

3. Science Across Borders 

4. U.S.-China Trade Rivalry 

5. NATO’s Future 

6. Understanding Indonesia

7. High Seas Treaty 

8. Pandemic Preparation 

Great Decisions 2023

(For Academic WorldQuest 2024)

Topic Descriptions 

Great Decisions 2024

(For Academic WorldQuest 2023)

Topic Descriptions 

coming soon

Learn more about your world!
Great Decisions is valued among a variety of learning groups.

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