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2021 Great Decisions

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Currently, until further notice, all Indiana Council on World Affairs events are offered virtual at no charge.  For each event, the date, location and reservation details will be provided.

Indiana Interchurch Center

The Indiana Interchurch Center is a multi-tenant nonprofit center that is intended to be “a living demonstration to the world that it is possible . . . to have unity without sacrificing freedom.”


Created 1967; and today, diversity and collaboration continue to be the core of the Center’s mission.  The building is now home to two dozen organizations representing several major faith traditions and various educational, environmental, and social service/action groups.

University of Indianapolis

For the past several years, the University of Indianapolis has been a great host of Indiana's Academic WorldQuest state competition. 


The venue is located near downtown Indianapolis with lots of free parking. 


Schwitzer Hall

1400 E. Hanna Avenue

Indianapolis, IN 46227


University of Indianapolis

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